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Discover Vienna

das Bootshaus

Oars or skulls? “Ruderbrot” or “Achterl”? Where rowing meets gastronomy, the Old Danube inspires, new ideas and a destination become a joyous experience.

Cafe Eiles

Past obliges, and so it happens that also nowadays a diverse audience is meeting up in Cafe Eiles to chat about business, love tragedies or current political affairs.

Die Vollpension

We’re grandma’s public living room. And there are two of us in the middle of Vienna. A colourful bunch of people who want to bring old and young closer together again. We also have the world’s best cakes and tarts for a sweet breakfast.

Cafe Patisserie Telegraph

The Café Telegraph is located in a former post office - here old and new comes together - here tradition meets modern. And like a Telegraph, we also connect people, nationalities and cultures with our offer.

Cafe Landtmann

Breakfast in Café Landtmann. Only the egg of Columbus can´t be served.